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Topaz & Diamond Wedding Ring

Topaz & Diamond Silver Ring

I was very happy to be asked by some friends last autumn to make their wedding rings for them. They had seen my flush set rings and want to incorporate some of their own diamonds into that style of ring along with an aquamarine and topaz as their birthstones.

Topaz & Diamond Silver Ring
Topaz & Diamond Silver Ring

The stones are scattered randomly, with a few set around the ‘back’ so as the ring spins on the finger, some sparkle can always be in view!

His ring was his grandfather’s and needed re-sizing which was a delicate job given the very fine (and faint!) engraving on the inside of the ring which we didn’t want to lose. Once re-sized, I gave the ring a very light polish on the inside, so as not to take off any of the engraving, and a very high polish on the outside to match her wedding band.

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