Silver Cube Necklace

A change from my usual blog posts about rings! I don’t get to make many necklaces these days – I guess because I have such limited time at my bench at the moment and rings are popular so they tend to dominate. But oh my, was this necklace worth stepping away from the rings for!

This necklace is largely made up of 3mm recycled sterling silver cubes, with a few 4mm and the odd 5mm thrown in as well. Each cube was individually cut, filed, sanded, drilled and finished before being threaded onto sterling silver wire. It took a while but once I got into the swing of it I got pretty speedy…though I had made over half before I figured out a quicker way to make each cube!

Each cube has a satin finish and each cube turns individually which means that there is a constant movement with this necklace as the light reflects off the different textured surfaces.

Head over to my Facebook page to see a short video of my attempt to capture the light and movement.

2 thoughts on “Silver Cube Necklace

  1. Holly says:

    I love this necklace and rarely take it off. Working with Vicki to come up with the final design was a joy. Her attention to detail, prompt responses and suggestions were all second to none. I loved the photos I received by email as the necklace grew. I often get compliments on this necklace.

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