Commission: Recycled Gold Peridot Earrings

Recycled Yellow Gold Peridot Earrings

These earrings are a follow up from a previous commission to re-purpose some old gold rings into a new wedding band. The gold was melted down and formed into 2mm square wire with plenty to make a wedding ring and have some leftover for a future project.

So it brought a smile to my face to hear from Hannah again about using the rest of her gold for her mum’s birthday this summer! I was told her mum loved green which couldn’t be more perfect as the combination of yellow gold and green gemstones is stunning.

I presented Hannah with a few options for earring designs and then once a final design had been decided on I made a quick mock up in silver, just to be sure that there was enough gold to make the earrings as designed. There was, and here they are!

Recycled Yellow Gold Peridot Earrings
Recycled Yellow Gold Peridot Earrings

I loved the size of the circles – chunky but still small enough for everyday wear – so much that they have inspired a few new pieces!

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