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Remodelling Commission: Recycled Gold Diamond Ring

Bespoke Recycled Yellow Gold Diamond Ring by Victoria Jarman Jewellery

This ring was commissioned by a customer looking for some old gold and diamond rings to be remodelled into something she could wear everyday for her 25th wedding anniversary. It was important to Cat to keep the sentimental value of the old rings and so I removed the diamonds and then her gold was refined and formed into new sheet metal for the new ring, with a little extra recycled gold added to make up the weight. Continue reading Remodelling Commission: Recycled Gold Diamond Ring

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New Website!

Victoria Jarman Jewellery bench

Iā€™m very excited to be writing this post on my new website!

I have made the switch from to – not very exciting I know, but it will hopefully give me much more control over how my site looks and feels and ā€“ the key advantage ā€“ to sell directly through my own website, a feature that will be coming soon. Continue reading New Website!

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Diamond & Sapphire Silver Ring

Commissioned for a special 25th anniversary, this diamond and sapphire silver ring has a quiet elegance that I love. The sapphire is the brightest blue, sourced from the fantastic Nineteen48. Cut beautifully, it set like a dream! Continue reading Diamond & Sapphire Silver Ring