Bracelet/Bangle Sizing

Silver Hoop Bracelet by Victoria Jarman Jewellery

Adjustable Bracelets

For bracelets that are fitted with a clasp, simply measure the circumference of your wrist to find out what your bracelet size is.

The standard length of my hoop bracelets is approx 24cm. These are adjustable in that you can hook the clasp onto any of the circles. However if you find that this length is especially large or small I can adjust the numbers of hoops for you.

Fixed Bangles

For bangles, you need to measure the distance between the knuckle of your little finger & your thumb knuckle. Put your hand out flat and tuck your thumb under your hand, then measure. This is the minimum diameter of a bangle you will need to fit over your hand.

~ Extra Small ~ 2 1/4 in, 57mm
~ Small ~ 2 5/8 in, 60mm
~ Medium ~ 2 1/2 in, 63mm
~ Large ~ 2 5/8 in, 66mm
~ Extra Large ~ 2 3/4 in, 69mm

Please click on the image below to view bracelet sizing (though please note that if you print this the circles aren’t to scale)