Customer Promise

Aims –

Thank you for your interest in my jewellery.

My aims are:
– to create each piece of jewellery with care and attention so it is unique to you.
– for you to be able to buy my jewellery with confidence so you not only end up with a piece of jewellery you love but that you have a positive experience along the way.

Personally I can’t stand poor customer service so I will always do my best not to inflict it on you! I have had an Etsy shop for a few years now – you’ll see that I have excellent positive feedback to back up the testimonials on my website.

Below are my shop policies. If you have any questions not answered here please get in touch and I will do my best to answer your query as quickly and completely as I can.

Handmade –

All of my jewellery is handmade entirely by me! I design, make and photograph every piece you see and it is me that you will talk to if you message me.

Handmade jewellery is entirely unique – every piece will come out slightly differently. I’m a human, not a machine. For me this is part of its beauty. This means that your piece of jewellery will look a lot like the one you’ve seen in the photograph but there may be subtle differences. This isn’t anything to do with the quality but is just the nature of using traditional silversmithing techniques. I want you to be happy with your purchase, so I ask you to please be aware of this before you buy.

Ethics –

I strive to minimise my impact on the environment wherever possible to make ethical and eco-friendly jewellery. I’m not perfect, but I do as much as I possibly can. For more information please see my ethical policy┬ápage.