Gold Diamond Bracelet and Diamond Pendant

February 17, 2023
Client's Gold and Diamonds Remodelled Into Unique Link Bracelet Victoria Jarman Jewellery

With much of my work being focused on making rings (what can I say, I love making rings!), it was a lovely change to work on this gold diamond bracelet.

Debbie visited me in my studio and we discussed making a 9ct yellow gold bracelet, incorporating elements of a broken bracelet she owned and multiple diamonds from other pieces of unworn jewellery. The broken bracelet had links that were a ‘leaf’ shape and so we took that as our starting point. After some initial sketches, Debbie decided that she would like three diamonds in each link instead of one, and I then proceeded to mock up a few links in silver to check that Debbie was happy with how this would look.

A mock up in silver isn’t always essential but for more complicated designs it can be very helpful to try things out in a less costly metal before moving to gold!

I decided that the best way to make this bracelet would be to have the silver components cast into gold, using only Debbie’s own gold. Although my fingers didn’t thank me for the long process of cleaning up all the castings, the result is a much stronger bracelet than one with hundreds of individual solder joins.

The final touches to this bracelet were a highly polished finish and a short extender chain with a little leaf shaped detail on the end. This also bears the hallmark for the piece.

Debbie also asked me to remodel an 18ct gold pendant to transform it from a single diamond to a triple diamond pendant. I used the gold from an unworn ring and the original stone setting to make three new stone settings, before soldering the original bail back on.

18ct Yellow Gold Diamond Pendant Victoria Jarman Jewellery

If you’d like to have a chat about remodelling your unworn jewellery, please get in touch.

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