Has anyone else been caught out by the sunny weather? I’m still in woolly jumpers and all of a sudden it’s really warm! I’m absolutely not complaining though, it’s bloomin’ lovely strolling down the garden to my workshop in the sunshine.

My sartorial issues aside, I’m very excited to let you know that I am taking part in the Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair Online this weekend. To celebrate, I am opening my order book for bespoke commissions and I have been busily updating my gemstone collection to share.

Please see the images below and let me know if anything catches your eye! I’m happy to send further photos/videos/details. Some of these are one of a kind so snap them up while you can!

If you’d like some inspiration on how to use any of these stones, you can have a look at my gallery or my Instagram to view past commissions.

To reserve yourself a stone, please get in touch.

Victoria Jarman Jewellery one of a kind gemstones

1.) 7.16×4.75mm freeform green sapphire 2.) Pear cut 5x3mm blue sapphire 3.) 5mm and 4mm hexagonal sapphires 4.) 6x3mm yellow baguette sapphire 5.) Cushion Cut 4&3mm blue sapphires

Victoria Jarman Jewellery bespoke commissions

Row 1:

1.) Emerald cut 6x4mm pink tourmaline 2.) Trillion cut 4.75mm teal sapphire 3.) 4mm round cut teal sapphires 4.) 6mm trillion cut green tourmaline 5.) Trillion cut 3mm sapphire 6.) Tourmaline 2.5mm blue-indicolite

Row 2:

7.) Rhodolite garnet 3.5mm round 8.) Rhodolite garnet 3mm round 9.) Purple sapphire 3mm round pair 10.) Cognac sapphire 5x4mm round 11.) Blue baguette sapphires 4.8×2.5mm 12.) Trillion cut 4mm blue sapphire

Row 3:

13.) Rutilated quartz 6mm hex 14.) 3mm green sapphire 15.) Champagne moissanite 4mm 16.) 4mm princess cut blue sapphire 17.) Pink tourmaline 2mm 18.) Aquamarine 2mm round

Row 4:

19.) Hex cut topaz 4mm 20.) Teal tourmaline 6x4mm oval 21.) 4mm blue sapphire 22.) 4mm square peridot 23.) 6x4mm oval iolite 24.) 3mm princess cut aquamarine

Victoria Jarman Jewellery gemstone collection

Row 1:

1.) Emerald Cut 6x4mm aquamarine 2.) Trillion Cut 4mm aquamarine 3.) 5mm cushion cut aquamarine 4.) 4x2mm blue baguette 5&6.) Emerald cut sky blue topaz 8x6mm 7.) 3&3.5mm square aquamarine 8.) Sky blue topaz 6x3mm baguette

Row 2:

9.) 6x4mm oval checkerboard cut pink tourmaline 10.) 5mm checkerboard garnet 11.) 3mm princess cut fire citrine 12.) 4mm princess cut fire citrine 13.) Pair dark teal 3mm sapphires 14.) 4x2mm baguette blue tourmaline 15.) 4x2mm baguette pink tourmaline 16.) 3.5mm trillion chrome green tourmaline

Row 3:

17.) 4mm seafoam green sapphire 18.) 5mm citrine 19.) 7mm square peridot 20.) Dark green oval toumaline 7x5mm oval 21.) 8x4mm marquise peridot 22.) 5mm pale green amethyst 23.) 10mm aquamarine cushion cut cabachon 24.) 3mm princess cut citrine

If you’d like to be the first to know about events and commissions as well as things like getting the first pick of gemstones I have available, please sign up to my ,mailing list.

Victoria Jarman Jewellery GNCCF

The Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair Online is an online showcase featuring 50 designer-makers selected for their excellence. Scroll through the makers on the website and find something you love for you, your home or your loved ones. The fair goes live at 8am Saturday 20 May and the site will remain open until the end of June to browse and buy.

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