Sapphires, Emeralds And Diamonds

February 15, 2023
18ct Yellow Gold Diamond Rings Earrings and Bracelet Remodelled Bespoke Commission Victoria Jarman Jewellery

A big part of my work is remodelling unworn and forgotten treasures, and it’s an aspect of the job I love. This commission was an absolute joy, turning a very generous stash of unworn gold, sapphires, diamonds and emeralds into new pieces to wear and enjoy.

Remodelled 18ct Yellow Gold Sapphire Diamond and Emerald Rings Victoria Jarman Jewellery

Victoria (another one!) contacted me about remodelling some old and unworn jewellery. She was looking for some key pieces that she could mix and match and also something that she could enjoy wearing everyday that doesn’t, for example, catch on clothes, etc. This is absolutely my style! Minimal, easy to wear, with plenty of room for the gold and gemstones to shine without added fuss.

Although Victoria isn’t local to me, we realised that her sister lives nearby and so she was able to visit my workshop a couple of times. Prior to that we had emailed and chatted on video call which are both options I use regularly to discuss commissions with clients.

Once we had discussed designs, the next stage was for me to remove gemstones and weigh the gold to see what we have to play with. In this instance, Victoria had a mix of gold carats so we had it all refined into 18ct yellow gold grain which I could then melt, roll and form in my workshop into the required gauges of gold for each piece.

The final pieces have that lustrous feeling that 18ct yellow gold with a satin finish does so well –

“I have worn the jewellery every day since it arrived, I absolutely love it all and to think it previously just sat in a jewellery box gathering dust somehow makes it mean more that it is getting used!”

If you’d like to learn more about remodelling jewellery, you can read more about the process on my Commissions page or get in touch to discuss a bespoke order.

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