Green Diamond Gold Engagement Ring

I just had to check back through a few pages of blog posts to make doubly sure I’d not already shared this one. It seems I haven’t, I have no idea how this one slipped through the net!

This ring is made with recycled yellow and white gold and features a truly beautiful apple green diamond, Continue reading “Green Diamond Gold Engagement Ring”

Square Moissanite Simplicity Ring

I’d be wanting to make a square version of my simplicity rings for a while. And, as is often the way, I don’t get round to it until a lovely customer comes along and requests it as a bespoke commission! On this occasion the customer was looking for a large cube with a square moissanite set in it. Continue reading “Square Moissanite Simplicity Ring”

Sustainable Olympics

I’ve been a bit slow to keep up with the Olympics this time round, there just aren’t enough hours in the day. However I’m now catching up and I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the Paralympics this week. As a result I accidentally stumbled across something that made me genuinely really happy – the medals have been made with sustainability ┬áin mind! Continue reading “Sustainable Olympics”

18ct Recycled Yellow Gold Ring with Apple Green Diamond

Take 0.35ct of absolutely stunning apple green diamond and some beautiful recycled 18ct yellow gold and what do you get? This one of a kind engagement ring! Continue reading “18ct Recycled Yellow Gold Ring with Apple Green Diamond”