Sapphire and Diamond Stacking Rings

Spring 2020

Well, what to say. It’s been a strange start to the year hasn’t it? Ironically, March is the first month this year when I’ve not been ill! Just the usual seasonal bugs brought home from my daughter’s school, but they’ve given me a strong desire not to get ill again. Not that I’ll have a choice in it.

At the moment life doesn’t feel too dramatically different for me. I work from home anyway, and I am still able to walk the dog, go to my local shops (albeit in a strange new world of shouting my order across a blocked doorway) and drop parcels at the Post Office. But I am staying at home a lot more than normal and am very conscious of keeping my distance when out with the dog. Though I do like to shout a hello or talk to people from 2 metres away, it helps to make the whole situation feel less alien. The strangest thing so far is having my husband at home every day!

Business as usual (sort of)

Things are changing rapidly, but as I write I am still open for business. Fortunately I have a few longer term projects/clients at the moment which allows me to keep business ticking over without having to interact with anyone other than by email. I am still taking orders, though I will only be visiting the Post Office once a week, preferably less. Some of my suppliers are still open, some are not. I had, by pure luck, just recently topped up some of my stock of basics – silver wire, etc – so I have much of what I need for the majority of orders. Some things however will have to wait. The Assay Office has closed so I can’t have any jewellery hallmarked for a little while.

If you would like to place an order with me but would like to check timescales or discuss other options, please get in touch, I’m happy to help.

If I get ill, I will make my current clients’ aware of any delays. Once I am better, everything will be thoroughly disinfected and then hopefully things can move on with a little more sparkle.

Onto some cheerier things…

Here are a few of my latest commissions. I try to share as many of these as I can (remember to) on Instagram and Facebook so please do follow me to see more of what I’m up to. I may also post on Twitter as well – I think I have something automatic set up – but I tend to only peek at Twitter through my fingers whilst being alarmed at how fast it moves. I’m more reliable on the other two!
From top left: stack of silver and gold diamond/sapphire rings; garnet silver pendant; silver moissanite ring with gold band; square blue diamond ring.

On My Bench

A recent commission to transform a single diamond earring into a new silver and gold diamond ring for a special birthday…

If you’re interested in any of these pieces and would like to commission me to make something similar in your size, please do contact me.

Wishing you a happy, if somewhat unusual, Spring! Stay safe xx

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9ct White Gold Moissanite Ring ~ Simplicity Collection

White Gold Simplicity Collection Ring

My Simplicity Collection features softly brushed silver & gold with gold discs and moissanite gemstones as subtle accents. Up until now I’ve made the moissanite engagement rings in yellow gold so it was a lovely to be commissioned to make the moissanite engagement ring in 9ct recycled white gold with a 9ct recycled yellow gold wedding band to contrast…

9ct White Gold Moissanite Ring ~ Simplicity Collection - by Victoria Jarman Jewellery
9ct White Gold Moissanite Ring ~ Simplicity Collection – by Victoria Jarman Jewellery

The mix of white and yellow gold together is one I love as it’s so simple but effective.

Simplicity rings are designed to be worn stacked so you can mix and match them how you like and create your own unique ring set. All of the silver & gold in this collection are 100% recycled & moissanite is an ethical lab created gemstone.

I have some Simplicity Collection rings that are ready to ship or if you are interested in commissioning a piece of jewellery from this collection please contact me.