Yellow Beryl ‘Heliodor’ Ring

February 15, 2023
Victoria Jarman Yellow Beryl Heliodor Silver and Gold Ring

What do you do when someone asks you to set a whopping cushion cut yellow beryl in a gold ring? Why, say “yes please” (without trying to sound too desperate) of course!

Fiona had this beauty safely tucked away for many years, waiting for the right time to have it made into a piece of jewellery which I was honoured to be able to do for her.

Pure beryl is actually – chemically speaking – colourless but trace elements from different metals give it a green (emerald), blue (aquamarine), pink/red (morganite) or yellow (heliodor) colour.

In the case of yellow beryl, the colour is caused by small amounts of iron in the mineral’s crystal structure.

The name heliodor derives from the Greek words for sun (helios) and gift (doron) and so translates as “gift from the sun.” What a perfectly fitting name!

Set in 14ct yellow gold, with a chunky D-shape silver band and a soft satin finish, here is how Fiona’s ring turned out –

“The ring is SO FABULOUS! Exactly how I had hoped the gold might bring up the beryl’s sunny colour. What a stunning juicy ring you have turned my long-neglected stone into! I am so delighted and love the way it looks with my mum’s ring next to it. Thank you so so much!”

If you have any unworn treasures please view my commissions page and get in touch.

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